‪Independent Inquiry Opens Into EPA Victoria

Melbourne, Victoria
The Independent Inquiry into EPA Victoria has published a discussion paper and opened the public consultation into its future direction.

The discussion paper – Examining the future task of Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority – provides full details about the focus of the Inquiry, which covers three main areas of the EPA’s role: responding to community concerns; improving regulatory efficiency and effectiveness; and combining environmental protection with economic viability.

The Inquiry’s task is to review the changing operating environment for the EPA, looking at new and emerging environmental challenges and public health concerns, as well as evolving expectations from business, the community and government about best-practice regulation and the requirements of environmental justice.

With waste streams in Victoria set to grow along with a boom in population In the next 30 years, the Inquiry also looks at and and seeks feedback on what role EPA Victoria should play in the waste management regulation space.

The Inquiry web portal is also hosting online discussions and seeking feedback on various elements of the EPA’s role. These threads include: “How can the EPA be more strategic and better identify and address problems?” and “What can the EPA do to avoid potential future problems; such as contaminated land and E-waste?”

The Ministerial Advisory Committee will also be holding public consultation sessions in 17 locations across regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne in September and October.

For more details and to participate in the consultation process, visit the EPA Inquiry consultation site. The consultation closes on 31 October.


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