100% recycled bins trialled at Port Adelaide Enfield

recycled bins

Two hundred households in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield are each receiving three new black bins – all made from 100 per cent recycled plastic.

Local manufacturer Trident Plastics is shredding old bins, melting them down and turning them back into new ones to be distributed throughout the city.

The new bins are also now red-lidded, bringing them in line with state government recommendations.

The City has started a 12 month trial of the 100 per cent recycled bins to see how they perform and will consider transitioning to the new bins when replacements are required.

The Port Adelaide Enfield community has been supplied with green wheelie bins made with about 30 per cent recycled plastic for many years.

The City says the new bins, as well as building a Material Recovery Facility in Kilburn which has now been operating for six months, is the next step in supporting a local circular economy and purchasing more items made from recycled materials.

In 2019, nine South Australian councils signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to prioritise the purchase of products made from recycled materials.

At the time it was an Australian-first. Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) President Sam Telfer, said it signalled the beginning of a circular procurement pilot project led by the LGA, with the assistance of a $96,500 Green Industries SA grant.

The goal was to increase local demand for recycled materials, support the development of a circular economy in SA and reduce waste and recycling costs for councils.

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