$11 million for litter and illegal dumping

illegal dumping grants

More than $11 million in grants is available to help New South Wales communities, councils and businesses keep their areas free of litter and illegal dumping.

The new grants are designed to deliver projects that will help drive NSW state targets, including a 60 per cent reduction in litter by 2030.

Tony Chappel, Environment Protection Authority Chief Executive Officer, said every resident in NSW had a role to play in reducing litter and illegal dumping.

“We know these grants will help create a cleaner NSW and drive progress towards a circular economy,” Chappel said. “We’ve already had success in reaching a 43 per cent reduction in litter statewide, more than double the national average.

“During our latest community consultations, we received strong endorsement for initiatives to reduce littering and illegal dumping, including the single-use plastic ban and community recycling centres. We also heard clearly from community about the need to do more, including targeted assistance, re-use initiatives and product stewardship to support the government’s circular economy ideals.”

Chappel said illegal dumping is a challenging issue for communities and the environment. Local and state government land managers are under pressure dealing with illegal dumping, particularly increased dumping of household waste.

“These grants will help councils and public land managers turn this around, including building deterrent infrastructure and implementing behaviour change campaigns.”

Following public consultation, the NSW Government has released the Litter Prevention Strategy 2022-2030 and the Illegal Dumping Prevention Strategy 2022-27, both of which underpin the government’s Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy.

Two new funding programs will support action outlined in the strategies. This includes $10 million in Litter Prevention Grants (over five years) and $1.2 million in Illegal Dumping Prevention Grants (over 12 months).

Applications for the Illegal Dumping Prevention Grants close on 31 March 2023 and applications for the Litter Prevention Grants close on 17 April 2023.

For more information, visit: https://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/working-together/grants

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