$1m grant for Repurpose It organics recycling expansion

repurpose it organics

Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos today announced a $1 million investment to expand the food and organics processing capacity at Repurpose It in Epping – with the statewide rollout of four bins ahead of schedule.

The Epping facility is the largest organics processing facility in Victoria, with the capacity to process more than 200,000 tonnes of organic waste each year – turning it into more than one million cubic metres of quality landscaping materials.

The $4.4 million expansion will involve the installation of new decontamination equipment that will remove problematic items commonly found in kerbside food organics and garden organics bins – cutting the time needed to process waste by 45 per cent.

This will enable Repurpose It to meet increased demand and expand into emerging markets by delivering an additional 87,000 tonnes of soils, mulches, and composts.

George Hatzimanolis, Repurpose It Chief Executive Officer, said the team was proud to work alongside the Victorian government in advancing Australia towards a circular economy and advancing the state towards the goal of diverting 80 per cent of all materials away from landfill by 2030.

The roll out of the state-wide four bin recycling systems is helping more Victorians play their part to reduce landfill while creating a steady stream of recyclable materials including food and organic waste.

So far, 31 councils have introduced new separate glass recycling services and 53 councils have adopted a kerbside FOGO service – ahead of schedule to have all 79 Victorian councils onboard by 2030.

By making recycling consistent across the state with four bins – purple for glass, green for food and garden organics, yellow for mixed recyclables and red for household rubbish – the government is supporting households to easily sort waste, recycle and reduce landfill.

Dimopoulos was at the Repurpose It Epping site with Matt Genever, Interim Chief Executive Officer Sustainability Victoria, and Bronwyn Halfpenny, Member for Thomastown, to announce the funding.

He said the investments are part of the government’s $515 million transformation of the state’s waste and recycling industry – helping to reduce waste, create jobs in new industries and drive more value from our resources.

“About one third of a household rubbish bin is food waste – that’s why we’re helping innovative businesses like Repurpose It expand their operations, ensuring our organic waste is being turned into something new and useful,” Dimopoulos said.

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