Co-regulation as a driver for sustainability

Australian Packaging Covenant CEO Trish Hyde explains the industry side of co-regulation, and how this framework, through open discussion and collaboration, makes an effective regulatory model to deliver real and sustainable environmental outcomes.

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TailGuard for garbage vehicles

Reversing is one of the most dangerous truck operating procedures, which is why WABCO’s TailGuard was designed to help reduce fatalities on the road by detecting small, large, static and moving objects in the blind spot behind a vehicle.

The device is automatically activated when the gearbox is shifted into reverse, with TailGuard detecting all objects within three metres of the vehicle. The Trailer
Remote Control is activated, and a warning

signal sounds to indicate to the driver that the system is active. It also automatically stops at a programmable distance between 50cm and 200cm, so the driver can then slowly reverse the last few centimetres, if needed.

An easy to operate remote control includes an audible alarm, distance indicator and function buttons. The company notes its defining features which make it a unique solution, including ultrasonic sensor technology, allowing for object detection in conditions with poor visibility and complying with best-in-class automotive standard ISO 12155 for reversing systems for commercial road vehicles.

The system also comes with a cabin-mounted device for the driver indicating the distance. The combination of TailGuard and braking technology provide unique functions, including automatic stopping, forced slowing and distance programmability. In addition, the system can be retro-fitted before, or during a new build.

CAT Microgrid Master Controller

Caterpillar has expanded its power generation offering into renewable energy. The company has developed a strategic partnership with First Solar to create an integrated photovoltaic (PV) solar solution for microgrid applications, which are used in various applications.

The Cat renewable energy system is powered by thin-film solar panels, with performance efficiencies over other types of solar panels. The thin-film technology has a lower temperature derate ratio, so installed in an application where the operating temperature is greater than 30°C, the panel operates more efficiently than other solar options. A key component in the Cat Hybrid Microgrid system is the Cat Bi-directional Power Inverter (BDP).

The BDP inverter includes the robust Cat power electronics system. This is known for its operational capabilities, having been used in the Caterpillar D7e hybrid tractor, and ideal for the harsh Australian climate.

The energy storage technology includes lithium ion and the revolutionary zinc metal-air energy storage system. This storage system is one of the lowest cost electricity storage options available. The system includes standard integrated controls and battery monitoring at the cell level. A fully flexible offering enables a combination of these two technologies, while Catepillar’s engineers design the energy storage system according to the needs of the business.

Ron Hall, Segment Manager, Hybrid Microgrid Systems from Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) says Caterpillar and EPSA recognise the need to live in a sustainable manner with our environment.

“This new product range is the culmination of millions of dollars in research and development over several years. It combines high performance, project integration and after sales service with state of the art renewable power and the revolutionary Cat energy storage system.”

South Australia’s C&D waste solution

Government figures show construction and demolition waste is on the rise in South Australia, with about 1000 homes demolished in Adelaide each year. Dick Olesinski from KESAB Environmental Solutions explains how education could be the key to improving resource recovery.

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Collaboration the key to success

Copper Rock Investments Managing Director John Mastroapaolo says productivity at his waste and recycling depot has increased 20 per cent as a result of purchasing a BOB MB 8 TAL Skiplift.

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