JCB’s 427/437 Wheel Loader

JCB’s 427 and 437 wheel loaders was designed for heavy-duty applications, increased loading and drivetrain productivity with high torque. The latest wheel loaders from JCB have followed an extensive endurance and rig testing for superior structural strength and durability. 

JCB 427 and 437’s front chassis has been strengthened with additional ribs and gussets for maximum service life. With high power and torque, the machines meet Tier 4 final/stage IV emissions legislation without the need for a diesel particulate filter. 

A powerful twin variable displacement piston pump hydraulics supports 252 loads per minute for fast cycles and excellent multi-function capability. 

Operators can choose their ideal loading arm with a Z-bar linkage for high breakout applications or high torque for parallel lift and multi-attachment use. 

The latest generation loader driveline comes standard with the Australian specification and includes a number of new features, including auto lock axles known as ERGO traction. This automatically locks the front axle when required enabling the loader to operate on any surface. 

The efficient design incorporates a hydraulic cooling fan to automatically react to ambient temperature and adjust the fan speed to optimise fuel and energy consumption. Eco-mode caps the engine speed at 1800 revolutions per minute. The wheel loaders are also ergonomic with the CommandPlus feature offering a user-friendly interface.Maximum uptime with low maintenance long intervals are achieved via easy access diesel exhaust fluid tanks and fluid levels, engine oils and coolant accessed from inside the cab.   

Tailored for outcomes

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PRONAR MPB 20.55 mobile trommel screener

The Pronar MPB 20.55 leverages easy-to-use electronic controls that allow the operator to tailor the operation parameters for material separation. 

The MPB 20.55 is suited to work with a wide range of materials, including soil, compost, municipal waste, coal, aggregate and biomass.

Available through supplier Lincom Group, the Pronar aims to be quick and easy to transport with a track undercarriage allowing for free movement around the yard. Two track speeds allow precise adjustment of the machine’s position for maximum efficiency. 

A totally autonomous drive system allows for trouble-free operations without any additional towing machines require. 

The machine has a 5.5-metre length and 2.0-metre diameter sieving drum, which can be replaced without removing parts of the machine.  

Wide-opening covers provide instant accessibility to mechanisms and fast switching of screening drums when it is required to change the mesh size. 

The MPB 20.55 motor and the hydraulic pump unit are placed on a hinged trolley. This allows for fast and easy maintenance access to the motor unit, hydraulic system and hopper.

The key features and benefits are an easy drum change with replacement drums available with round or square holes and variable drum thicknesses to meet operator needs. 

The engine and hydraulic system are mounted on a pull-out frame for easy access maintenance.

 A magnetic roller allows ferrous metals to be removed and can be mounted on rear and side discharge conveyors. 

Komptech drum screens from ELB Equipment

ELB Equipment offers a variety of drum screens to handle compost, wood/biomass, soil and gravel and other wastes.  

Komptech’s Cribus series uses an innovative drum design with a diameter of 2.2 metres for a higher throughput capacity than previous models. 

A larger cross section of feeding aims to avoid blockages, while a bigger distance of 140 millimetres between the screening drums and side walls allows for perforations of up to 100 millimetres, which reduces the dangers of material deposits. 

The Cribus boasts significant energy savings with everything driven electrically from the hopper to the discharge system. The electric drive aims to offer higher efficiency than hydraulics and up to 75 per cent savings when operating with mains. Other benefits include a quick and safe drum change.

Komptech’s Nemus series aims to get started faster with a convenient discharge, drum change within 20 minutes, simpler maintenance and more screening from the same area. The Nemus 2700 is a hydraulic machine ready to work within five minutes, with a run out that supports and unlocks the oversize conveyor and folds out the conveyors for screening. 

From heavy dirt to bulky green cuttings, the hopper takes a broad scope of material into the drum. The machine comprises more than five cubic metres of volume and a drum-side hopper drive for better power transfer, higher performance and no belt slippage with heavy materials. Maintenance aims to be easy with the engine compartment accessible from all sides. 

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