The new trend in Europe

The new trend in Europe

Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facilities are well established in Europe with around 500 operating plants. By further implementing Carbon Capture in EfW facilities, it is possible to go even carbon-negative and the new standard could be zero carbon emission waste to energy. Read more

A new class, Komatsu

A new class

A new line of 22-tonne class dozers that feature hydrostatic drive for increased manoeuvrability, and enhanced visibility for work areas has been released by Komatsu. Read more

Innovation - Waste - Knox

Innovation moves industry

For Mark Jeffs, Managing Director of WM Waste Management and Knox Transfer Station (KTS), using safe, reliable, and modern vehicles to move waste products has never been more important. As he tells Waste Management Review. Read more

Plastic waste technology in spotlight

Chemistry Australia has collaborated with CSIRO on a new report into advanced recycling technologies that can increase the recovery and recycling of Australia’s plastic resources. Read more

plastic recycling

Victorian waste reduction grants

Sustainability Victoria is offering further grants of up to $50,000 for organisations to pursue packaging waste reduction and recovery opportunities.

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