Mountain of food waste a global issue

The United Nations is calling for stronger action to end the culture of throwing out food uneaten to help address climate change, nature loss and pollution.

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Supporting glass

Supporting glass

Australasian resource recovery company ResourceCo is playing its part in driving home solutions to the recycling and re-use of glass waste as a road base. Read more

$171 million to tackle organic waste

The Federal Government has launched a $171 million bid to take 3.4 million tonnes of food and garden waste out of landfill each year, diverting it to farms to create healthier soils and a better environment.

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bottles - Victoria - drink container - recycle - cash for containers

Joint bid to improve glass recycling

Six Victorian councils and the Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GWRRG) are calling for a co-ordinated approach to stop recyclables going to landfill within the region.

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APCO - compostable packaging

Recyclable packaging broken down

A new guide aims to give businesses a clear pathway to design recyclable packaging and support a move to a more circular economy.

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Three-bin service proving effective for VIC council

The Mildura Rural City Council has published its findings from utilising a three-bin service for 12 months, particularly in reducing waste to landfill volumes and providing a significant contribution to the council’s emission reduction targets. Read more