plastic waste

Putting a cap on plastic waste

A new recycling program will divert discarded plastic waste from the graphics solutions industry to create raw materials for everyday products. Read more


MVQ Actuator Feedback

Featuring compact constructions and easy mounting, the new MVQ201 from ifm not only monitors and reports valve proposition to the nearest degree, but also has an integral M12 connector that can be used for connecting the valve.

With this option, the valve is controlled via the same IO-Link connection used to monitor the sensor, which eliminates the need for separate valve wiring, thereby reducing both installation complexity and costs.

In use, the MVQ201 sensor continually monitors the valve position and makes the position data available to the control system via an IO-Link interface.

The sensor can also be programmed to detect changes, such as an increased opening and closing time, which might indicate valve faults or blockages, and to report these changes via IO-Link. This makes it an ideal choice for use in condition-based monitoring applications.

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REMONDIS Australia appoints new CEO and Chairman

Jochen Behr has been appointed CEO of REMONDIS Australia, replacing Bjorn Becker  who steps down after leading Australian operations since 2018 and positioning the company for sustainable, profitable growth. Read more