$3.6m in grants for recycled organics

organics grants

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio today announced $3.6 million to help put household garden waste and food scraps to good use in Victoria’s farms, parks and gardens.

Six projects have received $1.6 million through the Recycling Victoria Research and Development Fund – Organic to boost the value of recycled organics and support agriculture while also looking at ways to improve soil quality, boost crop production and develop recycled organics markets.

A further $2 million in grants has opened today through the Recycling Victoria Organics Market Fund to create new markets for the growing volume of recycled organics products.

Victoria produces about one-quarter of Australia’s food waste. Each year, food waste costs Victorians an estimated $6 billion in product value and disposal, 29 billion litres of water, and generates 3.15 million tonnes of emissions.

Over the next decade, the Labor Government plans to cut waste generation by 15 per cent for every person in the state and halve food and organic waste to landfill under its $515 million reform of the waste and recycling system.

“We’re finding new ways to use organic waste, creating jobs and cutting emissions as we halve food waste by 2030,” D’Ambrosio said. “Kerbside reform has increased the supply of organic waste – this funding will support the development of new ways to use this material in our parks and our paddocks.”

Waste Mining in Colac received a $300,000 Recycling Victoria Research and Development Fund (Organics) grant to use anaerobic digestion and aquaculture technologies to treat separated food waste. The resulting by-product will be used as nutrients for growing spirulina for human consumption and duckweed for animal consumption.

Elmore Compost & Organics received $232,000 to establish a deep soil improvement research and demonstration trial site in dryland grains cropping on typical clay soil in north central Victoria. Terra Nova Ag in Ballan will use $300,000 to develop an integrated recycled organics deep soil improvement solution that can be deployed across a wide range of cropping operations in the medium and high rainfall zones of Victoria.

Other recipients were Gaia EnviroTech in Bungaree, to address key barriers that prevent anaerobic digestion from being commercially viable in Australia; Cirque du Soil, Bundoora seeks to develop fertiliser products derived from food waste diverted from landfill through rigorous soil and plant testing trials and; Agpath Pty Ltd in Garfield proposes to better understand the potential for a range of organic composts to improve soil health and plant yield.

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