$5 million to drive critical mineral discoveries in mine waste

mine waste

A new funding program to help extract critical minerals and reprocessing opportunities in mine waste is now open.

The Collaborative Development Program provides $5 million in funding for companies seeking to assess and find ways to extract value from residual materials left behind after the primary phases of mining and minerals processing.

Some of Queensland’s mine tailings harbor significant mineral resources such as cobalt, presenting an opportunity for businesses to explore for critical minerals in previously overlooked areas.

Finding critical minerals within mine waste serves as a crucial step towards securing the building blocks of a renewable energy future, ensuring sustainable resource efficiency, and advancing the transition to cleaner energy technologies.

The program will run as a single round and remain open until the end of June 2027, or until funds are exhausted.

The Collaborative Development Program is part of the Queensland Critical Minerals Strategy, a $245 million investment to transform the state, national and global economy through the responsible use of our critical minerals.

Resources and Critical Minerals Minister Scott Stewart said Queensland has significant mine waste that can potentially hold substantial mineral resources.

The funding allows businesses to explore areas that were once known for their mineral production to uncover potential critical minerals.

“We see opportunities for the waste of our mines to become the key ingredients in future renewable energy technologies,” Stewart said.

“As industries pivot towards a more sustainable future, the recovery of critical minerals from mine waste presents a dual opportunity – to reduce our carbon footprint while nurturing a circular economy model.

“This initiative encourages greater resource efficiency by facilitating the recycling of tailings and mine waste, ensuring that valuable minerals already extracted are not overlooked.”

For more information or to apply, visit: www.business.qld.gov.au/industries/mining-energy-water/resources/geoscience-information/exploration-incentives/collaborative-development-program

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