$6.5M remediation works completed by VIC EPA

$6.5M remediation works completed by VIC EPA

The Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has completed $6.5 million remediation works at the former Bradbury Industrial Services site, in Campbellfield, following more than six months of works.

The clean-up was required, following damage caused by a fire which gutted the chemical processing facility in 2019. Nearly 6000 tonnes of waste were removed during the clean-up.

As part of the clean-up works, remaining damaged buildings were demolished and removed, a risk planning document was completed to guide the removal of waste and contaminated soil were removed.

To prevent any offsite water contamination, all exit points to sewer and storm water were cut off during the clean-up works. An onsite wastewater treatment plant treated and discharged wastewater to the sewer.

Select materials were also able to be recycled as a result of the clean-up, with 2000 tonnes of concrete being recycled.

$6.5M remediation works completed by VIC EPA
Image courtesy of EPA Victoria.

All waste removed from the site was sampled and categorised, to make sure it was handled correctly and disposed of at an appropriately licensed facility.

EPA CEO Lee Miezis said the works represented a “highly complex operation”.

“Despite the complexities, I’m pleased to say we were able to complete the operation and are now assessing legal options to recoup what costs we can on behalf of the Victorian public,” he said.

“EPA will continue to monitor the site to ensure there remains no risk to human health or the environment. The site’s water treatment plant and site security will remain in place while that’s ongoing.”

For more information on the clean-up works, click here.


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