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ALLU’s D and DL series Transformers can turn waste and recycling industry machinery into a multifunctional tool.

ALLU’s D and DL series Transformers can turn waste and recycling industry machinery into a multifunctional tool.

An established name within Australia’s waste industry, ALLU has engineered solutions for composting, construction and demolition waste, recycling and soil remediation.

With more than 100 dealers, across 30 countries globally, the company’s innovative equipment has garnered international attention, including its Transformer range.

The ALLU Transformer is a hydraulic screener and crusher that can be attached to a variety of machinery types and sizes, including wheel loaders, excavators or skid steers, making it suitable for the waste industry.

Sami Rahman, ALLU Vice President Middle East, India and ANZ, says the series has been developed to suit a diverse range of applications.

Sami says the range is split into the D and DL series. D-Series is the larger series, while the DL is for smaller, skid steer loaders and mini excavators.

“The DL-series is mainly used by smaller-scale operators and applications, such as landscaping, composting, waste processing or stockpiling of topsoil,” he says. “This series caters for wheel loaders that are as small as two tonnes, to as large as eight tonnes. If the operator was to use an excavator, you can go as small as four tonnes or as large as 12 tonnes.”

The D-series provides solutions for larger machinery and applications and is available in three sizes: DN, DS and DH.

“If a typical project requires multiple days of operation and larger excavator and loader sizes, they will use the DN-series,” Sami says. “The next level is the DS-series, where the configuration has a stronger frame and a larger hydraulic motor.

“For the largest applications and projects, such as compost screening where the operator is using a heavy-duty frame and two hydraulic motors which has torque and oil flow, that’s where the DH-series comes into play.”

Sami says that determining the correct ALLU Transformer size is essential to achieving great results, no matter the type of project.

“When it comes to ALLU transformers, the starting point is always the carrier weight of the customer’s machinery,” he says. “For example, if a customer has a skid steer loader, naturally we will equip them with a product from the DL-series. But if a customer has a 16-tonne digger, we will put them in a DN-series model such as the DN 2-12.”

Sami says using the ALLU Transformer D and DL-series allows operators to increase their efficiency by having a one-stop-shop process for screening, crushing, mixing and loading.

This reduces downtime usually associated with detaching and attaching single-purpose attachments.

He says that direct feedback from the industry shows that operators have optimised their operations, thanks to the attachment.

“I remember one operator in particular telling me that he could recover the cost of the DL-series transformer by completing only three to four jobs, as the attachment boosted his efficiency during each day of operation,” Sami says.

Supporting flexibility

The ALLU Transformer D and DL series both have a range of optional configurations that can be adjusted “on the fly”, based on the job at hand.

“The DL-series has the ability to alter the screening mechanism, which is inside the bucket. This comes in the form of an adjustable cassette that can be swapped out,” he says.

“We’ve also got options that come in the form of drums. The range provides pure screening drums, as well as both screening and crushing drums, some of which also consist of changeable blades.

“We also have drums that are used for soil stabilisation, such as blending and mixing the soil.” Both transformer series allow for downscaling or upscaling of machinery set-ups.

“Both the D and DL-series Transformers have some overlap when it comes to size, which is particularly useful for a project that may, for example, be in-between a DN and DS-series Transformer,” Sami says.

“This also allows operators to equip a slightly smaller attachment to a larger machine if required.

“This range services a huge amount of machinery, from the smallest skid steer loaders to the largest wheel loaders up to 30 tonnes. It caters for a whole range of sizes across the Australian market.”

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