Waste Management In Action

A global responsibility

Komatsu is this year celebrating its global centenary and the company is doubling down on a commitment to build a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly business.

Key to that commitment is developing technology solutions to ensure products offer significant sustainability and environmental benefits. It is also ensuring other parts of the business build on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles.

Russell Hodson, Komatsu’s Executive General Manager Supply Chain, says new packaging initiatives for customers who collect KOWA (Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis) samples will reduce volumes of material going to landfill and provide employment for workers with disabilities.

“From July, 2021, the yellow outer plastic bottles used for collecting KOWA oil samples from our Australian east coast customers will be made from 100 per cent recycled plastic,” he says.

“Our new recycled plastic bottles can be cleaned and re-used, further reducing the unnecessary use of resources.”

Russell says sample registration cards and delivery boxes for the bottles will be of 100 per cent entirely recycled paper and cardboard.

“With more than 30 per cent of Komatsu’s plastic packaging waste generated through our KOWA bottles, this program will significantly reduce landfill volumes,” he says.

“This new sourcing strategy allows us to reduce landfill and carbon emissions, without compromising quality or security of supply.”

Komatsu Australia is partnering with the Endeavour Foundation, which supports people with an intellectual disability, to clean the used sample bottles for re-use.

“We hope our partnership will provide further opportunities in future and that this initiative encourages other businesses to also engage with them,” Russell says.

Komatsu is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation which has a goal of reducing packaging going to landfill.

About 100,000 KOWA sample kits a year are used by Komatsu’s east coast customers – about 60 per cent of all oil samples collected around Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

“Komatsu’s KOWA oil sampling services are critical to our customers and our business,” Russell says.

“Komatsu’s products are designed to be as sustainable as possible, and our technology innovations are contributing to more productive and fuel efficient operations around the world.

“Initiatives such as our recycled, reusable KOWA bottles are another step on this journey.”

For more information, visit www.komatsu.com.au

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