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A new approach to odorous and hazardous gas capture

Dust Collector Rental’s Environmental Capture Systems.

Dust Collector Rentals (DCR) and sister company DCR Environmental Services draw on years of experience when it comes to portable, rentable dust collectors.

It’s range of equipment, both electric and diesel-powered, varies in size from five to 80 cubic metres per second, meaning no job is too big or small.   

Toby Burns, DCR’s design engineer, says many site-oriented jobs are for relatively short periods of time and are associated with sour soil remediation.

He says DCR’s Environmental Control Systems (ECS) equipment is ideal for soil remediation because of ease of installation and flexibility.

The ECS systems are fitted with single, double or treble Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC), designed to capture hazardous gases and odour released during excavation. A pre-filter consisting of polyester spun-bonded polyester pleated cartridges removes dust prior to carbon capture of the hazardous gases and odours.

The de-odourised and de-gassed air is then passed on to the HEPA filtration system, giving a grade of H14 prior to release into the atmosphere, Toby says.

The throughput of air is controllable from the equipment’s VSD drive and can be compliant with or without a stack.

Joe Keane, DCR’s operation and compliance manager says handling contaminated spent carbon has always been a challenge in relation to personal exposure. He says many contaminants are often present and immobilised in the GAC once saturation point is reached. However, the vertical carbon cassettes in the ECS allow maximum sorption of the gases. Consequently, giving longer than usual GAC life.

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