A next generation solution: Transport & Waste Solutions

A next generation solution: Transport & Waste Solutions

The new 2020 Axtec OnBoard Load Indicator is enabling waste truck drivers to be digitally savvy without the push of a button.

Optimal routing is essential to making point-to-point pickups eco-friendly and financially viable, which is why companies are investing in advanced systems and optimisation software.

However, technological advancements are only truly valued when safety is enhanced. This is especially important for waste management companies whose load and weight distribution are constantly changing. This can catch drivers out and leave them at risk of an axle overload.

Onboard Load Indicators provide critical data by displaying individual axle and gross vehicle loads and have been praised by operators as an essential tool.

According to Chris Coleman of Transport & Waste Solutions Australia (TWS), a simple installation can go a long way.

He says constantly displaying axle and gross weights enables drivers to distribute their loads safely and legally at all times.

Having formed a strategic partnership with TWS, Axtec products are currently helping several state utility companies meet their Chain of Responsibility obligations.

Axtec OnBoard provides drivers with real-time information on axle and gross vehicle loads via an intuitive traffic light configuration.

Visual and audible warnings can prompt the driver when overloads are present, while load data can be simultaneously written to the built-in logger and transmitted to a tracker system.

In February this year, Axtec, a privately owned and managed UK-based leader in axle weighing and load monitoring solutions, launched its latest Onboard Load Indicator.

Coleman says the 2000 model Onboard Load Indicator is Axtec’s most advanced, accurate and reliable load indicator yet, and is already utilised by some of Australia’s most well-known waste and transport operators.

“We think the new Axtec OnBoard model offers several key advantages over the previous model,” he says.

“Axtec Onboard powers up with the vehicle and requires no driver input, reducing the risk of tampering or accidental damage, and eliminating the need for additional driver training,” Coleman says.

He adds that clients have noticed reduced driver distraction and fatigue, as the display can automatically dim when safe to do so.

Axtec’s OnBoard Axle Load Indicator was first introduced in 2007 and Coleman says he is impressed with advancements since the first model.

“The 2000 model Axle Load Indicator increases security, reduces cab clutter, and with a clear 5 inch widescreen display, improves images  from camera inputs and gives clearer information,” he says.

The widescreen display also boosts surveillance by accepting input from up to six vehicle mounted cameras.

“Not only can the display show the vehicle type, but the new touch cam facility also offers uninterrupted viewing of a priority camera,” he says.

Coleman credits the two-piece design with only a single cable input to the much sleeker drivers’ display.

“Automation is driven to guide driver precision. You don’t have to be tech savvy to benefit from all the features of this system, as you barely have to push a button, it is automatically user friendly.”

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