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material recovery

Material Recovery Solutions lives up to its name with custom-made machinery for plastics recyclers.

The Australian Government is driving new investment in recycling technology and infrastructure, with a $1 billion transformation of the waste and recycling sector.

As Phase 2 of a plastics waste ban comes into effect on July 1, 2022, Material Recovery Solutions (MRS) can draw on years of experience to help recyclers find the right equipment for the job.

The manufacturer and importer supplies equipment for the material recovery sector from container refund schemes through to document shredding.

Marcus Corrigan, Managing Director says MRS offers two solutions for the plastics recycling sector – shredders, for recyclers who process plastics themselves, or balers for companies to bale plastic and have it processed elsewhere.

“Customers are more inclined to shred material so they can offer it as a virgin product,” Marcus says. “If you have already cleaned material to a high standard and then shred it, in essence it becomes a product for remelt and reuse, rather than a stepping-stone in the process.

“We do have customers who are looking into plastic washing, delabelling and then shredding. We’re offering the shredding component and working with them to integrate that with other equipment.” 

material recovery
MRS designs and builds shredders in-house for specific applications.

MRS designs and manufactures shredders in-house for specific applications. Marcus says the final design will depend on the product to be shredded and the end market customers are selling to. Shredders can be designed with an end-product as small as 6mm, and up to 80mm.

“We don’t make generic, we custom build shredders so that they give customers a specific, required cut,” he says.

He says new government legislation surrounding plastics has resulted in a change in the type of product required by customers. He says in the past, recycled plastic wheelie bins would have been baled and sold overseas for further processing. MRS now has customers looking to shred wheelie bins.

“We offer a custom-built shredder that accommodates wheelie bins in their entirety and shreds them down to a specific size. Another customer wants the provision for processing wheelie bins, but they also want to shred LDPE (low density polyethylene) and other products. For that customer we have interchangeable screens to offer different size end products.”

MRS also manufactures associated equipment such as conveyors of all types, platforms, walkways and structural steel.

“We’re very proud to be an Australian manufacturer,” Marcus says. “In a typical production line, we manufacture everything in Australia with the exception of balers, which is why we align ourselves with Godswill.”

MRS is the exclusive agent for Godswill balers in Australia and New Zealand, offering an impressive range including, but not limited to auto channel, semi closed length, auto two ram and custom build balers. Marcus says the ability to bale material efficiently and at maximum capacity will be a priority for facilities dealing with large volumes of recyclable material.

“We offer a twin-ram baler, which offers high compaction for plastic bottles,” he says. “High compaction is essential for transporting materials, internationally or domestically.”

All Godswill Balers have a Human Machine Interface that allows operators to monitor or adjust the machine parameters, as well as troubleshoot problems. 

They also feature modular hydraulic systems, which allow MRS to increase kilowatt packages to tailor a baler’s configuration to customer requirements. 

MRS offers technical support and has the service equipment, OEM spare parts and technical resources on hand 24/7, minimising downtime for customers.  

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