ACOR and Evans to develop plastics recycling roadmap

A Plastics Recycling Results Roadmap is set to be produced following a roundtable meeting hosted by Assistant Waste Reduction Minister Trevor Evans and Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR) CEO Pete Shmigel.

The roadmap will seek to identify key practical and policy requirement for meeting the 70 per cent plastics recycling target, and develop an industry plan for consumer and corporate engagement and education on plastics recycling and recovery.

The roadmap will also explore market demand and policy options for reaching the target, including tax incentives, public procurement requirements, minimum recycled content quotas, infrastructure requirements, improved APCO monitoring, product specifications and definitions/implementation of the COAG export ban.

The Plastics Recycling Roundtable, which took place in late August, was attended by 27 representatives from 19 organisations involved in the plastic supply chain and lifecycle.

After considering future policy challenges and opportunities in plastics recycling, Evans discussed what the Federal Government saw as the opportunities of the COAG ban, the Recycling Modernisation Fund, product stewardship, procurement and plastics-related packaging targets.

Discussion followed about the fragmented nature, current conditions and realities of plastics recycling, as well as APCO’s plastics recycling targets.

The roundtable moved to preliminarily identify additional measures – both operational and policy-based – that could have merit in meeting recovery and recycling targets.

Those in attendance committed to continue to interact as a Plastics Recycling Roundtable under ACOR’s auspices for the next six months and convene regularly with the minister.

To foster a united industry response, ACOR has invited non-ACOR members of the roundtable to be part of the process on a no-fee basis for six months.

In developing the roadmap, ACOR will undertake consultation with other stakeholder organisations to ensure alignment, including with the provisions of the National Waste Policy Action Plan.

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