ACT to get its own container deposit scheme

Cans for recycling

The ACT will soon be getting its own container deposit scheme.

City services minister Meegan Fitzharris announced on Monday $800,000 would be included in next week’s ACT budget on a feasibility study into a recycling scheme for drinks containers, Fairfax Media reported.

The scheme is set to come into effect in early 2018 and funded as part of a $23 million package with other areas not related to waste management promised before the last election.

A spokesman for the minister told Fairfax Media the shape of the scheme had not been decided but would most likely mirror that of NSW.

South Australia and the Northern Territory also have container deposit schemes, with plans for the West Australian and Queensland governments to introduce their own schemes in 2018.

The feasibility study will reportedly include due diligence on the NSW scheme to ensure it is compatible with the ACT scheme.

The scheme will be administered by a private company but monitored by the ACT government once it commences.


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