Proposed waste facility under review

The ACT planning and land authority will soon begin an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process for a proposed centre for recycling, resource recovery and renewable energy in Fyshwick.

Fyshwick is a retail and light industry suburb in Canberra, and the proposed facility would sort waste from the ACT and NSW. Material would be sorted into recyclable streams and the remaining waste would be converted into electricity through a thermal combustion technology.

The planning and land authority has prepared a scoping document for the proposal which outlines matters to be considered by the proponent in preparing a draft EIS. An EIS is used to identify the potential impacts associated with a development proposal and helps to consider whether it is appropriate for that proposal to go ahead.

Feedback during the scoping stage was received from various stakeholders and ACT Government agencies, including the requirement to prepare a health impact assessment and air quality report. It will also need to include extensive consultation with the community and require an independent assessment of the proposal by suitably qualified experts.

The draft EIS will now be prepared by the proponent and will then be submitted to the planning and land authority for assessment, consultation with entities and publicised through the public notification process.

The proposal is different from the recent FOY Group proposal as it plans to convert waste into baseload power, while FOY’s proposal was to produce diesel and LPG fuels using less established technology.

The project’s proponent is Capital Recycling Solutions Pty Limited. It is intended that ActewAGL Retail will partner with them in the generation of baseload renewable electricity for the ACT grid.

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