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Adjusting to industry

As Steve Llyod tells Waste Management Review, the new model Palfinger PH T22A DINO SLD5 Hookloader is set to offer the flexibility needed for modern projects.

Flexibility has never been more important in the waste industry, with operators now requiring machines which can be used for multiple applications. The Palfinger PH T22A DINO SLD5 Hookloader was developed purely for this purpose.

As General Manager Sales Steve Lloyd explains, the PH T22A DINO SLD5 Hookloader was manufactured to help operators adapt to the changing waste landscape.

“In Australia there are no standards for critical dimensions on containers or bins and as such rail widths and hook heights can differ greatly between products. The Palfinger PH T22A DINO SLD5 Hookloader was re-designed specifically for Australian applications,” Lloyd says.

While international waste sites and containers feature universal measurements, the Australian market can differ from bin to bin. As such, the uniquely Australian product mix required a uniquely Australian solution.

The PH T22A DINO SLD5 Hookloader aims to ease the difficulty of the differing sized bins, featuring a new fully adjustable three position (four optional) manual adjust hook height which is universal across model range.

Bins with pin heights from 1410 to 1610 millimetres are able to be collected with the one Hookloader, making for increasingly efficient and effective projects for waste operators. A unique hydraulic adjustable hook height option, controlled from inside the cab, is available on selected models.

The wider bin rail range of the Hookloader also supports multiple bin widths, fitting bin widths measuring between 660 and to 1200 millimetres.

“We have a machine that has multiple functions in different situations, that is the core strength of the PH T22A DINO SLD5 Hookloader,” Lloyd says.

The newly introduced ‘X Frame’ concept enables the rear of the chassis design to face less stress during operation, an essential aspect when operating in difficult environments.

The flexibility comes in the chassis front bin locks and support brackets, which are now bolt-on components including three position fittings for the main valve bodies.

The chassis component is uniquely designed for the PH T22A DINO SLD5 models and allows a level of customisation for different operatives, as Lloyd explains.

“The way we attach the mounting system for the chassis is distinctive and we have a wide range of dedicated truck brand and model specific chassis mounting kits which are tailor made and specifically designed for different chassis,” he says.

All Palfinger Hookloaders are manufactured to meet Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and all welding is defined by the ISO 3834-2 certification.

Maintenance cost reduction was of upmost importance for the Palfinger team resulting in yet another inclusion in the new design of the PH T22A DINO SLD5 – the installation of Tipping Cylinder Bend Protection. The addition provides safer operation in the case of misuse by operators.

In addition to the bend protection, a newly designed fuse-bolt connection not only prevents overloading on cylinders, but also averts significant damage occurring to the Hookloader.

Multiple control options for both in-cab and radio remote operation are available on the new range of Palfinger Hookloaders including the PH T22A DINO SLD5.

In standard configuration the tried and proven PAD control sets the industry standard for ease of use and feedback to the operator. The up-spec TEC5 units encompass the latest PAD Touch single joystick control process and a loading camera, both are optional with radio remote control.

Aside from the fresh face of an all-new control system, Palfinger also offers multiple automatic load, automatic unload, automatic tipping, fast tipping and soft stop options tailored to suit each operators’ individual requirements.

With 37 service partners nationally, operators can be assured they will receive full parts, repairs and Palfinger factory trained service specialists for Hookloader components.

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