ALLU buckets scale up use of recycled materials at building sites

ALLU bucket

ALLU buckets are helping to scale up the use of recycled materials on building sites across Australia.

The ‘transformer’ buckets are increasingly used on smaller, private projects as environmental awareness, recognition of repurposed materials, and cost pressures change the landscape.

“Tip fees are more expensive, finding clean fill is an issue, and everybody knows money is tight,” says Nathan Pullen, Sales Representative for Queensland Rock Breakers.

“With an ALLU bucket, you can keep a project on budget because you don’t have to spend as much on tip costs, carting material away and then replacing it with new fill.

“As more people realise there is a place for repurposed material, it’s also promoting sustainable practices.”

ALLU buckets screen and separate a range of materials, including soil, sand, gravel, compost, demolition waste, and biomass. They classify materials into different fractions, allowing for the removal of oversized or undersized particles, all on the job site.

Designed for installation on excavators, wheel loaders, tractors and skid steer, a range of bucket models is available to meet the needs of different industries.

Feedlots composting manure, and Gyprock manufacturers, are among the industries that have successfully used the buckets to reduce their waste and repurpose materials, says Craig Einam, Queensland Rock Breakers Sales Representative. There are also now several local contractors who take an ALLU bucket to all their jobs.

The team at Queensland Rock Breakers, distributors of ALLU since 2018, has plenty of case studies to highlight the buckets’ efficiencies. At one project, an ALLU bucket processed more than 18,500 cubic metres of fill material including steel, rubber, oversized rock, and wood products. About 67 per cent of the material was reclaimed and reused on site.

But perhaps the best case study is from Queensland Rock Breakers itself when the company was building its current Rocklea offices in 2021.

“We bought out the ALLU,” Nathan says. “We dug out piles and piles of rubbish, screened it, carted away the rubbish and had a whole heap of soil we could put back into the ground.

“The ALLU saved us thousands of dollars from reduced tip fees, truck movements and purchasing clean fill.”

Aside from the cost savings, the project reinforced the strength of the ALLU bucket. Nathan says decades worth of waste was put through the bucket – including truck rims and engine blocks – and it didn’t skip a beat.

“The heavy junk stayed on top, we screened the soil and dumped the waste,” Nathan says.

Three stages of the screening process of waste on the Queensland Rock Breakers site. Images: Queensland Rock Breakers

“There’s very little you can’t put in the bucket; what you get out the other end is where the value is.”

Craig says there’s not much the team hasn’t tried to process in the past five years. Some with surprising results – turns out organics matter is one of the highest wearing materials.

It’s the knowledge gained from those trials, such as the best blade combinations and the capabilities of each drum, that the team passes on to customers.

Stage two

But, Craig says, you still can’t beat an on-the-ground demonstration.

“We know what the buckets can do, let us show you what they can do,” he says. 

“One customer wanted to blend two materials together and had never found anything that could do it. We set up a demonstration and the ALLU surpassed what he thought was possible.

Stage three.

“Another customer wrote a cheque on the day of the demonstration once he saw what the bucket was capable of.”

Mobility, Craig says, is another of the bucket’s biggest advantages. You can load the bucket on a truck and easily move it to the next site.

“Recyclers and waste management companies are installing fixed plants or large infrastructure to manage waste,” Craig says. “But with that, where you set up; that’s where you’re stuck.

“For businesses that can’t afford to build a fixed plant, the ALLU bucket is a diverse, mobile processing product.

“It proves you don’t have to be a big player to make a difference.” 

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