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ALLU transforms green waste into valuable soil in one step

ALLU Transformer DN2-12

The ALLU Transformer DN2-12 adds value by turning green waste into valuable organic material in a one-step process.

ALLU Transformer DN2-12
The ALLU Transformer DN2-12

By screening and crushing waste material directly into a transport truck, productivity can be doubled while fuel consumption is halved.

To utilise or generate income from green waste, it must first be shredded into fine and homogenous pieces. This can be achieved with an ALLU Transformer screener crusher bucket.

With ALLU’s ability to perform several functions in one stage, and to screen wet product, the time to produce desired end-product from suburban green waste can be halved compared with the traditional ‘vibrating screening’ method.

Vibrating screening is a time-consuming two-stage process with high fuel consumption particularly, when using the smaller screen.

With ALLU Transformers, customers avoid double handling because ALLU transforms the base machine into a mobile processing plant, transforming waste into re-useable and saleable material for projects such as road construction or landscaping, as well as reducing landfill costs and need for transportation.

ALLU Transformer buckets are entirely driven by the hydraulics of the carrier machine and are designed to deliver a one-step screening, blending, sorting, mixing and loading solution capable of handling all materials from wet soils to coal and rock and demolition waste.

The versatile ALLU Transformers will process just about anything, saving customers from investing in multiple machines.

ALLU Transformer DN2-12
The ALLU Transformer DN2-12 in action for a WA-based tree removal and pruning business.

Each application is different and with a range of blade and drum sizes available one ALLU can produce multiple fragment sizes. Fragment size estimation is based on screening comb distance, which is quick and easy to change on site when moving from one screening job to another.

ALLU’s patented TS structure features an innovative Self-Cleaning Design, also known as a Non-Clogging Structure. This allows for the screening of materials, even when they are wet or moist, without fear of the structure getting clogged.

The ALLU Transformer buckets can be fitted to skid steers, telehandlers, excavators or wheel loaders instantly converting them into a mobile primary screening and loading plant.

ALLU Transformer capabilities include sorting demolition waste from sand, cutting down on tipping fees; crushing glass, maximising load density on transport trucks; crushing plasterboard for recycling; re-crushing or downsizing asphalt aggregates; and much more.

Manufactured for over 30 years and distributed to over 30 countries, ALLU Transformers are available in Australia via dedicated dealer network:

QLD Rockbreakers in QLD and NT

GroundTec in NSW

Walkers Hammers in VIC, SA and TAS

Total Rockbreaking Solutions in WA


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