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Fairview is Australia’s first manufacturer of aluminium cladding to receive the Australian Government’s tick of approval for its Ecoloop recycling scheme.

Trevor Evans, Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, said that Fairview is the fifth Australian company to have its national recycling scheme accredited by the Australian Government.

“The Ecoloop scheme is great news for Australia’s construction and demolition companies searching for sustainable ways to do business. In 2018-19, this sector produced 36 per cent of Australia’s total waste – a massive 27 million tonnes – of which around 23 per cent went to landfill,” Evans said.

“The good news is that the construction and demolition sector has one of the highest recycling rates of all waste streams at 76 per cent and that this sort of waste can be processed to recover masonry aggregates, metals, soil, timber, garden organics, plastic and glass.

“That is exactly what the Ecoloop recycling scheme does. It takes used aluminium cladding and recycles over 98 per cent of it into new materials for local manufacturers, and then uses the rest to make processed engineered fuel. Absolutely nothing is wasted or goes to landfill.

“Ecoloop makes it easy for builders, councils, developers, owners, corporations and strata managers to take a sustainable path with problem cladding, and many are already doing so. Ecoloop has already processed 110 tonnes of flammable cladding since January this year.

“The potential other environmental impacts are also impressive. Fairview estimates that Australia needs to replace up to 4.2 million square metres of non-compliant cladding and if that was all recycled, we would save 420,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases,” Evans said.

“Fairview are to be congratulated on their commitment to delivering this innovative recycling solution and supporting a strong circular economy in regional Australia.”

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