Analysis highlights global waste production issues

The Minderoo Foundation has published its analysis of the origins of global plastic waste, showing that just 20 companies are responsible for producing over 50 per cent of the worlds plastic waste which ends up in global oceans.

The ‘Plastic Waste Makers Index’ was developed by the Minderoo Foundation in conjunction with Wood Mackenzie, as well as experts from the London School of Economics and the Stockholm Environment institute.

The source of the plastic waste is the creation of the product polymers, which is used to create single use plastics which are easily discarded.

ExxonMobil tops the list of underwriting companies, contributing over 5.9 million tonnes of global plastic waste.

Dr Andrew Forrest, Chairman and Co-Founder Minderoo Foundation said the continued production of single use plastics is increasingly contributing to global pollution.

“The plasticisation of our oceans and the warming of our planet are amongst the greatest threats humanity and nature have ever confronted,” Forrest said.

“We must act now, the oceans are getting trashed with plastic and the environment is getting destroyed by global warming.”

The Mindaroo foundation is calling for responsible companies to disclose their plastic waste footprint, as well as transition away from fossil fuels for production.

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