Anthony Pratt announces 5000 Visy Australia manufacturing jobs

Visy Australia has announced it will create more than 5000 manufacturing jobs under a 10-year expansion plan worth more than $2 billion.

Anthony Pratt, Executive chairman, yesterday revealed a blueprint for the company which includes new or upgraded plants in every Australian state, including Victoria, which is home to 40 per cent of its workforce.

“We are one of the most environmentally-committed companies and much of the $2 billion will be spent on technologies that result in creation of those new 5000 high-paying manufacturing jobs, sustainability, energy security and supporting our customers and promoting Australian exports,” Mr Pratt told News Corp.

The company plans to expands its manufacturing capabilities throughout the nation, including clean energy, recycling infrastructure, paper mills, corrugated box plants and other forms of packaging.

Mr Pratt said an additional 13,000 permanent indirect jobs will be created, with a further 14,000 construction positions.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull welcomed the announcement.

“What a pledge – $2 billion over ten years, 5,000 jobs. I tell you that’s a big commitment. That really moves the needle. That will change lives, thousands of them for the better,” he said.


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