APCO launches new monitoring program to track 2025 progress

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The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) has released a new program that maps the framework for measuring Australia’s progress towards the 2025 National Packaging Targets.

The program was announced online at the AIP Australasian Packaging Conference, during a keynote panel discussion facilitated to launch the new 2025 National Packaging Targets Monitoring Program.

The program identifies the seven strategic intervention points that are essential to ensure the successful delivery of the 2025 Targets, including sustainable packaging guidelines, single-use plastics phase outs and processing capacity.

“The new monitoring program has been welcomed by representatives from across the packaging value chain, including major brands, retailers and business associations, the waste and recycling industry and the environmental community,” APCO CEO Brooke Donnelly said.

“The program will provide insight at regular intervals into how well Australia is progressing towards achieving the 2025 Targets, ensuring change is sufficient to achieve critical milestones.

“The program also highlights early intervention points to enable the system to pivot to alternative approaches if required to ensure successful outcomes.”

SUEZ Chief Sustainability and Communications Officer Justin Frank commented that the old adage of ‘what gets measured, gets managed’ could not be more apt.

“Monitoring data and turning it into information and insights is critical to make informed decisions on where interventions are needed to drive forward more circular economy focused outcomes, including eliminating single use plastic, recovering more recycled materials, reusing those recycled materials and importantly stimulating those domestic off-take markets,” Frank said.

According to Nestlé Oceania Head of Corporate and External Relations Margaret Stuart, as Australia moves forward, it’s critical that everyone through the packaging value chain understands what needs to be done and works together.

“The Monitoring Program gives a useful framework to help everyone understand both the progress that is being made, and where we might need to change our direction. This will help us meet the 2025 National Packaging Targets,” Stuart said.

The program will measure four critical areas for circularity within the packaging value change: design and production, use, disposal and recovery and market creation.

“Having the Monitoring Program provide transparent evidence-based reporting regularly will build confidence amongst all stakeholders, most importantly consumers,” Planet ARK CEO Paul Klymenko said.

“This will encourage them to play their vital role in the recycling process and drive positive environmental outcomes for all.”

The 2025 National Packaging Targets Monitoring Program document is available on the APCO website.

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