APCO releases August webinar schedule

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) has released the August schedule for its Weekly Community Webinar series.

Launched in March, the webinars are designed to bring together professionals across the business, government and environmental communities and help the sustainable packaging community stay connected.

The series has proved popular during lockdown conditions, with over 3000 attendees participating so far – as the sustainable packaging community bands together to stay connected during a challenging time.

Topics of discussion will include reusable packaging in the COVID-19 world, the role of packaging in minimising food waste, a look into the work being delivered to drive greater industry demand for recycled content and a preview of APCO’s new National Consumer Education Campaign.

“I want to say thank you to the sustainable packaging community, particularly our guest speakers, for helping to make the series such a success,” APCO CEO Brooke Donnelly said.

“Shifting our events program online-only certainly wasn’t part of our plans for 2020, but the way our community has joined together to keep our crucial work on track in difficult circumstances has been extremely heartening and truly underscores the determination we all share to achieve the 2025 National Packaging Targets.”

Details on the August webinars, including links to register are available on the APCO website.

Previous webinars are also available online.

Webinar schedules will be released monthly. August’s schedule is available below:

5 August: Reusable packaging in the COVID-19 world   

This week APCO is looking at reusable packaging – one the most exciting areas of opportunity for packaging sustainability.

In FY21, APCO will be delivering several projects to address reuse, including a Reuse Roadmap and collaborative pilot projects to implement reuse in targeted supply chains.

Many APCO Members are also pioneering the way with scalable reusable packaging models in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer space.

Speakers: Jamie Forsyth, Founder and CEO, ReturnR, Jean Bailliard, General Manager, TerraCycle Australia and New Zealand and Brent Vrdoljak, Senior Brand Manager, Natures Organics.

Topics of discussion include:

— What implication will COVID-19 hygiene precautions have for the reuse movement and how can we continue to deliver progress in this space?

— Insights from leading reusable packaging brands, programs and community education organisations.

— Challenges and opportunities for organisations looking to implement reuse models into their operations.

— Opportunities to get involved in APCO’s FY21 Priority Projects addressing reuse.

12 August: Preview of APCO’s new National Consumer Education Campaign   

This week APCO will introduce its new National Consumer Education Campaign. The new campaign will run from July 2020 – July 2022, with the objective of increasing the general public’s participation in sustainable and responsible behaviours in relation to packaging.

Join APCO’s communications manager Alice Johnson for an update on the campaign including:

— An overview of the key educational themes being addressed in the campaign – including recycled content, reusable packaging and correct recycling behaviours.

— An overview of the strategic approach to the campaign – including audiences, channels and activities.

— The range of opportunities for all organisations to take part.

19 August: Driving demand for recycled content   

This week will cover the work being delivered to drive greater industry demand and uptake of recycled content. It’s a critical area of focus for APCO and its Members in FY21 – with projects underway to address recycled content traceability, labelling and procurement.

Speakers: Meredith Epp, APCO’s Industry Partnership Manager and Liz Kasell, Founder of RED Group.

Topics for discussion include:

— Case studies from successful recycled content approaches being rolled out internationally.

— An overview of APCO’s new Pledge Project.

— An overview of RED Group’s new TRaCE circular economy program and how industry can support the 2025 recycling targets through direct involvement in circular outcomes.

26 August: The role of packaging in minimising food waste  

This week will explore the journey of food from farm to fork – and the important role packaging plays in food waste prevention.

Globally, one-third of all food produced for human consumption around the world goes to waste and here in Australia, the government estimates food waste costs the Australian economy $20 billion each year.

As Australian businesses and communities look to phase-out single-use plastic packaging, and redesign their packaging to improve recoverability, food waste avoidance is another critical issue packaging designers must consider.

Speakers: TBC.

Topics for discussion include:

— An update on the research and projects being delivered within the Fight Food Waste CRC – an organisation that brings together industry, research and the community to capitalise on Australia’s food waste opportunities.

— Training, tools and resources for businesses working to reduce food waste through packaging.

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