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APS Supply PreView Wireless

The APS Supply PreView Wireless
The new PreView Wireless uses pulsed radar technology to detect objects in an operator’s blind spot and reduce backing accidents. If something is detected, the operator receives an audible and visual active warning in the cab, giving them time to react and avoid an accident.


The PreView Wireless has a detection range of up to six metres and the ability to set detection zones as low as three metres. Warning alerts automatically change as the threat of accident increases, and alerts can be acknowledged via the touch- screen display.

In addition, the technology allows customisation of the visual and audible alert for different distances through the in-cab display.

By eliminating the need to install cables through the truck body, the PreView Wireless reduces installation time by more than half, while still providing leading-edge blind spot detection protection.

The equipment is made from rugged components to meet SAE J1455 standards. This means it can withstand the harsh environmental conditions found in many industries, particular those in waste management kerbside and skip bin collections, as well as street cleaning and MRF activities.

Designed to prevent collisions and accidents, protect property, reduce downtime, and help the driver do his job safely, the PreView Wireless is a leading blindspot safety system.


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