Australia Post launches new e-waste recycling service

TechCollect has launched a national e-waste shipping solution through a partnership with Australia Post that will enable households and small businesses to recycle unwanted and ‘end of life’ electrical goods and devices.

As the demand for new technology increases, research shows that in Australian e-waste is the fastest-growing component of the municipal solid waste stream, growing three times faster than general waste.

The latest projections indicate that more than 554,000 tonnes of electronic and electrical waste is generated in Australia each year.

The new nationwide TechExpress service will enable households and small businesses to recycle unwanted and ‘end of life’ electrical goods and devices using any Australia Post office or post box.

he initiative will run alongside TechCollect’s existing 276 drop-off sites and will provide consumers living in regional and remote areas with a convenient, safe and secure recycling solution.

ll e-waste received via TechExpress is processed by certified recyclers operating in secure environments and achieving recycling rates greater than 90 per cent.

This involves the manual and mechanical dismantling, shredding and sorting of electronic devices into various parts and materials including glass, metals, plastics, batteries and printed circuit boards. Processed material is then used to manufacture new products.

Warren Overton, CEO, ANZRP – TechCollect, said its focus is on a convenient solution to those who lack the time or don’t want to travel to a drop off site.

“Our research indicates that 43 per cent of people are keeping their old electronic devices, with one in five admitting to being device hoarders,” he said.

“It’s great to see our member companies, representing some of the world’s leading technology brands supporting our initiative and funding the collection and recycling of e-waste.”

Susan Mizrahi, Chief Sustainability Office, Australia Post, said no single company has all the solutions, reach or capability to combat e-waste recycling in isolation.

“By using our unique Australia-wide network, we have already successfully enabled customers to return hundreds of tonnes of waste streams including printer cartridges, mobile phones and coffee pods and this is a natural next step,” she said.

“With majority of our post office network regionally-based, our partnership with TechCollect builds on research that shows three-quarters of regional and rural residents see their post office as making a broader social contribution beyond providing products and services.”

Consumers can recycle up to twenty-two kilograms of e-waste, including items such as mobile phones, laptops, keyboards, computer parts and accessories for a mailing fee of $14.95.

Since commencing services in 2012, TechCollect has diverted more than 180,000 tonnes of e-waste from entering landfill and recycled 93 per cent of materials through its national e-waste drop-off sites.

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