Josh Frydenberg to lead combined Energy, Environment portfolio

WMAA applauds the move, as a step towards more waste to energy projects.

Victorian Liberal MP Josh Frydenberg is now overseeing Australia’s Environmental portfolio, in a cabinet reshuffle Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced on 18 July.

Mr. Frydenberg takes over the role from Greg Hunt. Mr. Turnbull took the opportunity to combine the Environment portfolio with the Energy portfolio, with Frydenberg overseeing both in a new combined role.

The Waste Management Association of Australia welcomed Mr. Frydenberg to the role in a statement released on 19 July, and applauded the move to bring together the two portfolios.

“We welcome the appointment of Mr. Frydenberg to the position of Environment and Energy Minister,” WMAA President Miranda Ransome said in a statement. “A number of WMMA members are actively involved in examining how the waste produced by our communities can be turned into viable alternative energy sources. And this decision by the Prime Minister is recognition of these efforts.  I along with the WMAA board of directors look forward to establishing a long and fruitful relationship with the new Minister.”

WMAA CEO Martin Tolar agreed: “This was a very positive step forward for the Waste and Resource Management Industry and gives Australia the opportunity to align itself with the best practices that have employed in Europe within the waste sector for many years,” Mr. Tolar said in a statement. “The decision by the Prime Minister was also a reflection of the efforts that had been undertaken by WMAA to increase the profile of the Waste and Resource Recovery Industry in Canberra and explain to our political leaders that waste should no longer be seen just as a by product of our economy, but rather a resource to be harnessed.”

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