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Australian made, through and through

HSR Southern Cross Managing Director Martyn Cross is proud of his company’s two decade-long commitment to supporting Australian-made products and job creation.

For more than 21 years, HSR Southern Cross has delivered expert sales and service to Australia’s waste industry.

From its manufacturing facility in Western Sydney, the company is upholding a legacy as a proud supporter of Australian manufacturing while producing high-quality machinery.

HSR Southern Cross Managing Director, Martyn Cross, says the businesses’ ability to design, manufacture and sell truck-mounted waste equipment locally reflects this commitment.

“I would say that 99 per cent of customers we deal with have a preference to support comparable Australian products over imported products when given the choice.” Martyn says.

“We offer Australian-made skip loaders, not imported products, which weren’t specifically built for Australian conditions. We needed to design a skip loader for the brutal nature of Australia’s waste industry.”

With a focus on Australia’s waste industry, HSR Southern Cross developed a product that could support higher load volumes without compromising the life span of the equipment.

Martyn says the tare weight of the 16 tonne, SX160 skip loader (3750 kilograms) is what makes it stand out.

“We manufacture the machine from high-grade steels, which allows us to use more efficient materials and therefore save weight but increase capacity and product life.

“Our hydraulic cylinders are of the largest diameter in the market, giving us a loading capacity and operational advantage.”

HSR Southern Cross’s skip loader range extends from the SX45 4-tonne capacity skip loader through to the SX160 ,16-tonne capacity loader, with options such as a telescopic and stiff arm, angle-sliding leg and a pivoting leg available.

HSR Southern Cross has manufactured machinery for the waste industry for more than 21 years.
HSR Southern Cross has manufactured machinery for the waste industry for more than 21 years.

A design focus on increasing payload and reliability extends to HSR Southern Cross’s rear loader range with capacities from 5 cubic metres, through to 30 cubic metres.

Martyn says the newest offering in the rear loader series will provide users with greater flexibility when operating in urban conditions.

“Our newest release is our 5 cubic-metre low-entry version, which has an overall height of 2080 millimetres and a 2-tonne payload.

“This product was designed specifically to meet the requirements of entering low access buildings. Areas where, typically, only cars could enter,” he says.

“We listened to the market, and it was calling for some options in this space. They wanted a machine with the load capacity and manoeuvrability to access lanes and underground parking space.”

Just like the skip loader, the rear loader is constructed from high tensile steels and wearable steel in abrasive exposed areas, increasing its durability. Loading can be done manually, or by hydraulic bin lifter, which is compatible with all mobile garbage bins from 120L to 1100L.

Easy learning

Seeing value in industry feedback is an important aspect of the design process at HSR Southern Cross. Martyn says the idea for one shared feature across both the skip and rear loaders was born out of feedback from experienced operators and workers.

“One of the main features that we are proud of is our electronic control system in the waste products. The system is completely designed in-house, can be customised to the operator’s needs and is efficient and functional,” he says.

“We worked with some of our largest clients to create a system which is safe, but intuitive.”

The electronic control system uses prompts and simple instructions to guide operators. Soft-touch icons allow users to visually identify how to control the unit. Operator training is reduced, operator familiarity is increased, and operator safety is optimised.

The safety doesn’t end with the control system, hydraulic over-centre valves and electrical dump valves provide further layers of operator and general public safety.

Supporting local

Martyn is proud of HSR Southern Cross’s devotion to local manufacturing and says the need to support local businesses has never been greater than it is today.

“Backing Australian-made is something we believe is a cornerstone of our business. With the closure of major motor and car manufacturers domestically in recent years, we saw a lot of associated companies go under,” he says.

“We thought to ourselves, ‘if we don’t do something, who will?’ Keeping manufacturing in Australia not only supports the local economy, but it also helps to retain highly skilled workers and engineers.”

Martyn says that choosing to keep product design and engineering in Australia has been “incredibly rewarding” and “recent provisional patent approval for our skip loader range strengthens this decision”.

“I don’t believe that manufacturing in Australia is always more expensive when compared to importing products.

“I believe that using local manufacturing, which Australia is known for, we can create world-class products at a very comparable price,” he says.

“The fact we have been in business for 21 years underpins this.”

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