Australian Open a grand slam for sustainability

Australian Open sustainability

The 2024 Australian Open is on track to be the most environmentally friendly and sustainable event on record.

Cleaning and waste management service provider Quayclean’s Australian Open workforce of 1200 cleaners will work 24/7 throughout the 15-day tennis tournament across the Melbourne and Olympic Park (M&OP) precinct.

At the 2023 event, Quayclean managed and removed more than 38 tonnes of mixed recycling, 24 tonnes of kitchen organics, 37 tonnes of cardboard, and more than 33 tonnes of crushed glass, and similar waste volumes are anticipated this year.

Quayclean’s team of 25 Trash Talkers, who assisted fans separate their waste into the appropriate designated bins, are back in force to actively help and educate spectators.

The Green My Plate service, where reusable plates and bowls are collected and hygienically washed and cleaned, is again available.

In a new initiative, Quayclean has established a dedicated sustainability team that will operate back-of-house to sort waste from five recycling waste hubs into six separate waste areas — food waste, co-mingle waste, reusable waste, soft plastics, polystyrene, and landfill.

With the Victorian Government introducing the Container Deposit Scheme in November 2023, the team will be separating bottles and cans from the co-mingle waste.

“There have been months of planning with Tennis Australia and M&OP and other site stakeholders to ensure this year’s Open sets new environmental and sustainability benchmarks,” said Quayclean Chief Executive Officer, Mark Piwkowski.

“Our goal is to supercharge the Open’s waste management and sustainability systems and divert the high majority of waste away from landfill which will represent financial and social benefits for the tournament organisers.”

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