Australian Tyre Processors invests in UNTHA shredding technology

Australian Tyre Processors invests in UNTHA shredding technology

Australian Tyre Processors (ATP) is investing in cutting-edge UNTHA shredding technology, as the innovative firm advances its national resource recovery strategy.

In June 2019, ATP received a grant through the Queensland Government’s Resource Recovery Industry Development Program. ATP match funded the six-figure sum, with a total of $1.6 million invested into the company’s new tyre processing plant.

Commenting on the opportunities associated with innovative tyre processing, ATP Director Mick Carroll highlighted that 1.5 billion tyres reach their end of life globally each year.

“However, it is also feared that more than 60 per cent are landfilled, stockpiled, illegally dumped or ‘lost’ from the resource chain,” he said.

“Australia accounts for 51 million of that vast figure, but only 5 per cent of our country’s end-of-life tyres are recycled locally.

“This is therefore a significant waste problem – but also an opportunity – on both a national and international level.”

As part of its investment, ATP has procured an UNTHA XR3000C mobil-e from waste management equipment specialist FOCUS enviro.

The movable machine, with two energy-efficient 132 kilowatt motors, will be used to process car/passenger tyres down to a homogenous 50 millimetre output.

The resulting fraction – produced to an exacting specification – will enable ATP to supply a thermal desorption process to create fuel oils, clean gas for electricity generation, steel and carbon.

The mobile machine is designed to process complex products, UNTHA Director of Global Business Gay Moore said, in order to liberate valuable materials that could remain ‘locked’ inside and sent to landfill.

“With the world’s raw materials rapidly depleting – and businesses and consumers alike demanding more environmentally responsible solutions – this is a fantastic example of clever engineering and innovative thinking coming together to change the face of the industry,” he said.

With ATP involved in almost all elements of the supply chain, the company is uniquely placed to “revolutionise” tyre processing in Australia, according to FOCUS enviro Managing Director Robbie McKernan.

“Their pioneering mindset – not to mention their grasp of the commercial and environmental benefits of this circular business model – means they have turned a difficult waste challenge into a process with vast resource potential,” he said.

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