Waste Management Review

Henderson Recovery Park

Henderson Recovery Park $22.5m redevelopment

The City of Cockburn will transform Henderson Waste Recovery Park into a Resource Recovery Precinct as part of a sustainable long-term waste management strategy that will extend the current site’s useful life from five to 40 years.
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Potential energy

There’s a general acceptance that Waste-to-Energy has a role to play in Australia’s future. What that role will be remains divisive. Waste Management Review looks at the state of play. Read More
container exchange

$45M recycling plant opens in NSW

The nation’s largest PET (polyethylene terephthalate) recycling plant, capable of processing one billion plastic bottles each year has opened in Albury, New South Wales.
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Source Separation Systems

Behind the scenes at Source Separation Systems’ sustainable warehouse

 It’s always an interesting exercise to peek inside a business and see how things are really done. Source Separation Systems is well known for industry-leading sustainability products, and behind its green warehouse roller doors, the focus and prioritisation of waste management is inspiring. As Managing Director Peter Cruwys explains.
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waste solutions

Grants focus on waste solutions

A project to convert film canisters into sunglasses and a store to donate pre-loved business clothing for migrant women are among 20 initiatives to share in $200,000 from the City of Melbourne.
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Seats set up for forum

The annual Waste and Resource Recovery Forum

The Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia’s Tasmanian Branch is inviting the industry to join them in Hobart on Wednesday, 6 April 2022 for their annual Waste and Resource Recovery Forum.
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EfW conference

Babcock & Wilcox EfW expert to speak at conference

Ole Hedgaard Madsen, Babcock & Wilcox Technical Director, will be the in-person keynote speaker on day two of the Waste Management and Resource Recovery national Energy-from-Waste EfW conference in Melbourne next week.
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ACOR's Suzanne Toumbourou

Waste not, recycle more

Suzanne Toumbourou, CEO of the Australian Council of Recycling, reveals the organisation’s 2022 Strategy and why she wants to leave the word ‘waste’ behind. 
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