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Kerfab showcases Attach+Go weighing systems at AWRE

Kerfab showcased its diverse capabilities and product range at the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo, with a focus on its Attach+Go onboard weighing systems. 

As one of 123 exhibitors at the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE), Kerfab knew it was important to make a statement. 

To stand out in the packed Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Kerfab showcased its brand new range of WastePro wheel loader attachments.

Launched in October this year, the range was designed specifically for the waste industry and features an array of on-demand or customisable buckets and grapples.  

Speaking with Waste Management Review on the AWRE floor, Jim Eagle, Kerfab Onboard Division Manager, says Kerfab has traditionally focused its waste operations on manufacturing telehandler and wheel loader attachements, both bespoke and standardised.

“After speaking with clients about application needs, and noticing shifts in the growing market, we’ve since expanded into wheel loader, telehandler, excavator, front and side lift trailer and waste truck weighing systems.” 

After fielding questions from potential customers, Jim directs Waste Management Review’s attention to another facet of Kerfab’s product range, Attach+Go weighing systems. 

The Attach+Go range of weighing systems was designed to provide accurate load data to users, which in turn reduces the likelihood of over or underloading waste vehicles.  

“Waste operators want to avoid overloading trucks for two reasons. First, the fines from road authorities are very expensive, causing a clear economic incentive,” he says. 

“Second, operators want to support driver and wide public safety.” 

Jim says underloading is another common concern, due to the significant cost incurred by waste and recycling companies, their contractors and the companies that run their trucks and loaders.

“It’s not cheap to drive around the country. Diesel adds up,” he says.

“Making sure each load entails as much material as is legally permissible is the only viable option.” 

Kefab’s legal-for-trade on-board scales remove the necessity of fixed weighbridges by providing real-time load measurements to vehicle drivers and facility operators. 

This, Jim says, eliminates weight uncertainty to enable a streamlined process.   

According to Jim, underloading and overloading is a common problem when loading trucks.

“When a truck carrying an irregular load reaches the weighbridge, it is forced to turn around and return to the point of loading, which on some sites could cost the driver an hour,” he says. 

He adds that lost time translates to lost productivity. 

When using a Attach+Go system, Jim says drivers and operators are aware of weight at the point of loading, which removes human guess work. He adds that because many of the scales are legal-for-trade, invoices can be lodged immediately.  

“Kerfab has been distributing Attach+Go scales in Australia for 10 years, and have found the quality German product has a much lower total cost of ownership than comparable systems,” Jim says. 

“Installing facility or fleet-wide onboard scales also comes at a fraction of the price required to install modern weighbridges.”

Reduced ownership cost, Jim says, is a result of higher quality materials and technology, which leads to lower servicing frequency and cost. 

“With scales, the biggest cost over the long term is the cost of servicing and recalibration, so having a sturdy, reliable system really reduces expenditure,” he adds. 

Eliminating downtime is another benefit of the range, Jim explains. 

“The scales save time and money for our clients because they can remove a process step,” he says. 

“Trucks drive into the point of loading, load the product from the stockpile or depot, and as weighing occurs during loading, our range removes the following weighbridge step.” 

Ensuring they can provide a solution to meet any clients needs is a central focus for Kerfab, Jim says.

He adds that the company’s extensive dealer network works hard to maintain long-term client relationships through on-going support and contact. 

Furthermore, Jim explains that Kerfab’s after-sales service BackUp+, which includes a network of fitters, is consistently on call to provide on-site service for both in-warranty an out-of-warranty equipment. 

“No matter what waste material you’re dealing with, everything needs to be weighed and monitored regardless of location, so it’s very important for all operators to have access to necessary data,” he says. 

“It’s worth noting that in the waste industry there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so Kerfab offers an extensive range of on-board scale models.

 “We also have multiple models to suit function and operation specificity, ranging for high-tech advanced touchscreens with Wi-Fi capability, to more straightforward basic scales.”

To learn more head to Kerfab’s website.

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