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Axtec OnBoard Axle Load Indicator

The innovative Axtec OnBoard Axle Load Indicator provides drivers with real-time information on axle and gross vehicle loads via a simple, easy to read, colour coded bar graph display.

By constantly displaying axle and gross weights, drivers know they are complying with mass load limits and are able to distribute their loads safely and legally at all times.

Visual and audible warnings can prompt the driver when overloads are present, while load data can be simultaneously written to the built-in logger and transmitted to a tracker system.

The colour touch screen can automatically display images from rear-view or side-mounted cameras and can be set to dim when the vehicle is in motion. All of these functions take place with absolutely no input from the driver, so they are not unnecessarily distracted and can focus on daily tasks.

From light vans to 32-tonners, the simple colour-coded display has no manual controls, which means no driver training and nothing for them to break. Optional outputs are available to vehicle tracking systems and data storage.

Having formed a strategic partnership with Transport Waste Solutions Australia, Axtec products are currently being utilised by several state utility companies – helping them meet Chain of Responsibility obligations by providing accurate and reliable vehicle load information in real-time as vehicles perform their day-to-day operations

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