Babcock & Wilcox, General Hydrogen Corp clean energy deal

Babcock & Wilcox clean energy

Energy technology and service provider Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) will sell net-negative carbon intensity hydrogen to General Hydrogen Corp., a CGI Gases subsidiary.

The hydrogen and carbon dioxide will be produced from B&W’s BrightLoop technology, being developed in Louisiana, using biomass and other solid fuels. Production is expected to begin in mid-2026.

Under the agreement signed earlier this month, General Hydrogen would purchase and transport off-site up to 15 tons of hydrogen per day, and CGI Gases, a privately held independent distributor of industrial gases, would purchase, and transport compressed carbon dioxide captured during the process.

B&W’s BrightLoop process is a chemical looping technology that can produce hydrogen from virtually any feedstock, including solid fuels such as waste wood and other types of biomass.

The process also produces an isolated carbon dioxide stream for capture, beneficial use, or sequestration, as well as nitrogen that can be combined with hydrogen to create ammonia.

“B&W is focused on producing clean hydrogen or carbon-negative hydrogen in the United States and worldwide,” said Joe Buckler, B&W Senior Vice President, Clean Energy.

“With the BrightLoop process, B&W is positioned to play a key role in producing net-negative carbon emissions hydrogen for a variety of uses, including power production, industrial processes and transportation fuel.

“We’re excited to take this next step to produce hydrogen and capture carbon dioxide at commercial scale. We are evaluating other potential projects with General Hydrogen.”

The project also represents a geographic expansion for General Hydrogen Corp. and CGI Gases.

“The clean energy produced by B&W’s BrightLoop technology is an important scaling opportunity that builds on our company’s current distribution expertise and our US network,” said Eileen Zullo, President and Chief Executive Officer of CGI Gases.

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