Bark King’s new mid-speed shredder: Finlay Waste and Recycling

Bark King’s new mid-speed shredder: Finlay Waste and Recycling

Bark King’s Ashley Johnston details the benefits of mid-speed shredding and proactive aftersales support, as organics processors across Victoria get ready for sector expansion.   

With the Victorian Government’s Recycling Victoria strategy set to reshape the organics sector, operators across the state are poised for a period of growth.   

The strategy seeks to cut the volume of organic material sent to landfill by 50 per cent between 2020 and 2030, with an interim target of 20 per cent reduction by 2025.   

Additionally, the strategy’s Infrastructure Fund seeks to encourage investment in organic waste sorting and processing infrastructure, while the Recycling Markets Acceleration package aims to build strong markets for products made from recovered organic waste such as compost.

This is welcome news to family owned garden supply distributor Bark King, which has been working to close the state’s organics loop since 1975.

According to Business Development Manager Ashley Johnston, Bark King sources by-products from the Victorian, South Australian and NSW forestry industry, processing around 75,000 tonnes per year.

As a supplier for government departments, landscape firms and educational institutions, sustainability has formed part of the company’s ethos since its beginnings. As such, Bark King applies strict guidelines on what it receives, processes and sells.

To maintain those standards, Bark King operates a range of high-quality equipment, including a Terex Ecotec TDSV20 mid speed shredder – acquired through specialist equipment provider Finlay Waste and Recycling.

The Terex TDSV20 features a double shaft shredder chamber, which was developed by Vecoplan specifically for mobile use.

The mid-speed shredder also benefits from an independent hydrostatic drive and product sizing screen. 

This screen system, which is available in different sizes, comes complete with an intelligent protection system, allowing a desired particle size to be produced, while also being able to cope with foreign objects.

“We were looking into different methods to improve our processes, predominantly around increasing safety and efficiency,” Johnston says.

“We find that with high-speed shredders, a lot of the product has to be reprocessed. But with the TDSV20 mid-speed shredder, we’re getting more finished product straight away – it’s a one-step shredding process.”

Johnston adds that the TDSV20’s ability to produce a controlled product size in one pass is of huge benefit, saving Bark King both time and fuel.

“The mid-speed shredder is also a lot quieter and safer for our team to operate,” he says.    

The TDSV20 is supported by Terex Ecotec’s TEEvolution program, which incorporates high performance products with reduced noise emissions and lower engine operating speeds.

The TDSV20 features a user-friendly colour display that provides operators with analytical diagnostics to facilitate ongoing efficiency improvements.   

Customisable shredding programs are also available, allowing operators to tailor the machine for specific applications.   

Furthermore, Finlay’s support program is backed up by highly qualified service personnel to ensure customers are supported throughout the lifecycle of their machines.

While the TDSV20 purchase is Bark King’s latest dealing with Finlay, Johnston says the two companies began working together 12 months ago when Bark King acquired a TDS820 slow-speed shredder.

“Finlay was great, they took us to their yard first in Somerton, and then additionally to their headquarters in Queensland and toured us around. That was the starting point of the relationship and we’ve not had any problems since” Johnston says.

The TDS820 is purpose-built to process all types of material, whether it is domestic, industrial or bulky solid waste. The industrial shredder features customisable shredding programs that give operators the opportunity to configure the machine to their specific requirements, reducing material wrapping and maximising production.

Johnston highlights Finlay’s service team as integral to the ongoing relationship.   

“Nothing is too hard, they have an answer to every question,” he says.

Johnston adds that Finlay’s service team have been particularly helpful in relation to the TDS820, which Bark King purchased from Finlay second hand.

Finlay supply a large range of used equipment, ranging from ex Terex Ecotec / Terex Finlay hire fleet machines to customer trade-in’s and customer used equipment that is currently for sale.

Johnston explains that while quality equipment is crucial, Finlay’s proactive approach to aftersales and servicing support is “more important than the machines themselves.”   

“They’re precious pieces of equipment and downtime can be very detrimental for a company like ours,” Johnston says.

“Finlay is always on the other end of the phone and that’s what’s important.

“We need to have confidence on that break down and servicing side, and Finlay understands that.”

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