Bathurst welcomes new resource recovery facility

Three-bin kerbside collection program

The regional New South Wales city of Bathurst has welcomed a new resource recycling facility.

Fairfax Media reports the new business, which opened in May, is currently re-purposing deposited concrete and bricks, with plans to expand into other materials, according to Bathurst Recycling’s Craig Clark.

“We’re currently focusing on recycling building and demolition items. We’re concentrating on bricks, concrete and tiles,” he said.

Mr Clark said Bathurst Recycling will be a more environmentally-friendly option for Bathurst residents and builders when it comes to disposing of their waste materials.

“We take bulk concrete, crush it and turn it into different products for the building industry. It can be used for roads, plumbers, building, landscapers,” he said.

“We also turn crushed products back into concrete, as well as retaining blocks and panels.”


Bathurst Recycling has worked side by side with both the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Bathurst Regional Council.

Mr Clark said it was hard to get an EPA licence and that Bathurst Recycling’s was the first issued in the city.

He said people could be doing a lot better when it came to recycling.

“Everyone has to think of the end consequences of putting rubbish into landfill,” he said. “Think of how much money it costs, as a community, to fill the tip up and then start again.”


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