Bingo Industries become ACOR member

Australian Paper Recovery, Bingo Industries, Closed Loop and Northern Adelaide Waste Management Alliance have become members of the Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR).

The new additions have grown ACOR to 36 members, worth $20 billon and employs around 50,000 people across the collection, sorting, processing, remanufacturing, and product stewardship activity streams.

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A 10-point plan for results-based recycling is also being planned by the ACOR board to develop industry accreditation and system standards.

ACOR has also states it will provide stronger policy and innovation forums for business active in stewardship, including for packaging containers, e-waste, batteries, oil, solar related equipment and tyres.

“As ACOR aims for smart solutions in resource recovery policy and leadership in industry innovation, it’s pleasing to have new members like APR, Bingo, Closed Loop and NAWMA join ACOR and contribute,” ACOR President David Singh said.

“Our Board understands it’s time for our industry to stand up, put forward new ideas and positively partner for results-based recycling.

“Results-based recycling is about more jobs, broader environmental gains and continued community confidence via a mature industry. We get there through sound and accountable policy, technological and digital innovation, closed loop teamwork, and urban growth management,” he said.

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