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Bingo’s firm grip on waste handling

When Bingo was building its new recycling centre in western Sydney it turned to Liebherr for reliable equipment to drive efficient sorting of high volumes of waste.

Ensuring the reliability of its equipment and the efficiency of operations is crucial for every waste management business. Maintaining the safety of employees and site visitors is paramount.

Bingo Industries offers a wide variety of waste management solutions for the greater Sydney region. Its recycling and waste treatment portfolio includes the supply of skip bins in all shapes and sizes for a vast range of applications, commercial and liquid waste services, and state-of-the-art recycling facilities.

Over the past 18 months, Bingo has invested a significant amount into its facilities, fleet and machinery. When the company was fitting out its new, cutting-edge recycling centre in Auburn in 2015, members of its team travelled around the world with the aim of locating the most efficient, reliable and safety-focused equipment.

In order to keep up with the steadily growing amount of incoming waste streams from Sydney customers for treatment and recycling, Bingo needed material handling equipment that could facilitate these high volumes of material being processed at all their recycling centres, including Auburn.

Liebherr was among the companies it approached for a suitable solution.

“Its criteria for selection of equipment for their material handling needs was that they had to be highly manoeuvrable to be able to easily travel through the sites and offer a high level of visibility while loading material onto the main processing plant and loading and unloading high sided trucks,” says a Liebherr-Australia spokesperson.

Following an extensive review of options on the market, Bingo selected the Liebherr 24-tonne material handler with a SG25 sorting grapple for its Auburn centre.

Grabbing a better solution

One of the main issues Bingo identified as important when planning the Auburn centre was ensuring operator and visitor safety on site.

“What appealed to us with the LH 24 was that the operator cab rises up,” says Bingo’s Head of Recycling, Darin Anderson. “Once the operator has finished sorting and loading, he can bring the cab back down and get out at ground level, taking away any risks of slips, trips and falls.”

The higher positioned cabin also gives operators a 360-degree view of their surroundings, providing better awareness of what’s going on around the machine and increased visibility when loading into trucks. This helps ensure safer conditions for fellow staff, site visitors and protects other assets.

The operator uses the LH 24 material handler to sort the diverse waste streams tipped at the new site, pulling out items for recycling and putting them in the correct bays or into trailers for transporting for processing elsewhere.

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