BinSpring Premium keeps a lid on rubbish

The BinSpring Premium wheelie bin lid secure system
A Western Australian start-up is looking for councils to trial its invention that secures wheelie bin lids until collection.

Designed to make loose rubbish a thing of the past, BinSpring Premium is a stainless steel gadget that easily attaches to any wheelie bin. It keeps the lid closed whenever it’s not in use, eliminating unwanted litter, deterring rodents and birds, and preventing the escape of any unpleasant bin odours.

The original BinSpring plastic wheelie bin lid clip was invented by Phil Sherrard in 2012, and wife Janelle now runs the business behind the product.

Janelle explains how the idea for BinSpring came to Phil when he was rushing to work on a rainy, windswept day.

“As he was pulling out of the driveway, Phil noticed a lot of loose rubbish blowing down the street as bins had blown over. His quick fix was to put a brick on the bin,” explains Janelle. “Then he had a light bulb moment. What if there was a way to hold the bin lids closed but easily open and close for rubbish collection?”

As a serial problem solver, Phil started work on a design for a workable solution, and came up with the BinSpring plastic clip.

After initial success and interest in this initial iteration of the gadget, Phil worked to refine his invention to better meet the long-term needs of the Australian bins market.

“We wanted to give our product the longevity to stand alongside that of wheelie bins in Australia, which have a 10-year warranty,” says Janelle.

The BinSpring premium was reworked in recyclable stainless steel was launched to market this year.

“That means BinSprings can easily be included in a council tender for wheelie bins, as they will last as long as the bins.”

BinSpring Premium comes ready to install, easily sliding onto the rear handle of a wheelie bin without the need for nor to remove it from the bin for kerbside waste collections.

With its rear-affixed, gravity fed, torsion spring design, Janelle and Phil believe BinSpring Premium is the only product to provide a reliable, long-term solution to loose litter making its way out of wheelie bins, benefitting both councils and homeowners.

“We’ve had feedback from our social media community saying it’s the ideal antidote to littering in areas particularly prone to strong winds, like coastal towns, or places where the local wildlife invades bins,” says Janelle.

City of Onkaparinga trialled the original BinSpring plastic clip over six months from September 2015 and they reported that the product worked well in the field. In addition, a large mining company also tested its capabilities as part of a workplace environmental initiative and provided positive feedback.

Janelle and Phil are now looking for councils who have identified issues with windblown and rodent or bird littering to get in touch to try the new BinSpring premium with their residents.

“We have spent many months working on this product and we’re very proud of what we have produced,” adds Janelle. “We’re committed to helping keep Australia clean and believe that BinSpring Premium is the ideal long-term waste management solution for everyone from councils to home owners.”

Councils or large corporations interested in trialling BinSpring Premium should contact Janelle by email at More information is on the company website –

The BinSpring Premium stainless steel wheelie bin lid securer

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