BOMAG compactors fill the void at Australian landfills

bomag compactors

Equipped with the latest technology and clever assistance systems, the newest generation of BOMAG compactors are cementing themselves in landfills around Australia.

BOMAG’s newest model compactors, including the high lift BC473RS or standard BC573RB, BC773RB and BC1173, are creating a buzz in the waste and recycling industry.

The addition of operational aids for operators, better vision and safety features, combined with the popular low service time required to keep the compactors moving, is being well received by customers says John Glossat, National BOMAG Business Development Manager for Tutt Bryant Equipment.

“A key factor in a landfill’s profitability is maximising its capacity,” John says. “To achieve this, the waste material must be optimally compacted to make full use of the space available. 

“With a BOMAG landfill compactor, industrial and household waste, bulky refuse or building debris can be distributed, shredded, roughly mixed and compacted – all in one operation.”

Refuse arriving at a landfill is usually deposited in layers. It’s distributed, crushed, and then evenly compacted to create a homogeneous and stable landfill body. A BOMAG landfill compactor performs the individual tasks of spreading and compaction in a single operation. 

John says a low centre of gravity gives the compactors stability. In combination with the oscillating articulated joint, which keeps all four wheels on the ground, the all-wheel drive ensures maximum traction so that the compactor always achieves the highest thrust. Load distribution is also optimal, which promotes homogeneous compaction.

Even the design of the wheels, with staggered polygonal rings and teeth, aid in making a BOMAG compactor effective. The geometry and placement of the teeth, combined with the machine’s high dead weight, ensure maximum static compaction. Scrapers are positioned in front of and behind each wheel, keeping the wheels clean. 

Because the waste is compressed evenly there’s less room for oxygen in the landfill body, reducing the risk of fire even deep within the tip.

The volume flow rate of the BOMAG’s cooling system is automatically adjusted to the engine power required and the ambient temperature. A technical refinement that John says enables significant fuel savings.

Two of the main distinguishing features of a landfill compactor are its width and weight class: up to 30 tonnes, 30 to 40 tonnes, and up to 60 tonnes. 

John says that for efficient operation, the absolute weight is not the only decisive factor; the machine’s design principle also plays a key role. 

“Weighing in at more than 56 tonnes, BOMAG’s BC1173 can achieve a compaction performance of well over 1200 tonnes a day – thanks to clever in-house developed technologies and optimum ground pressure,” he says.

When equipped with a dozer blade, the BOMAG compactor can distribute household waste, bulky refuse, or construction debris. It can also be supplied with a loading bucket (RS).

 John’s keen to highlight the benefits of the BOMAG compactor, but he says seeing is believing. The Tutt Bryant Equipment team is happy to demonstrate the capabilities of the BOMAG range. 

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