Bonfiglioli moves the recycling industry forward

Bonfiglioli moves the recycling industry forward

Recycling has become the norm for households and companies around the country.

While many are conscious of the environment and the importance of recycling, the average family in Australia produces around 400 kilograms of waste annually.

Additionally, Pure Advantage reports that New Zealanders consume about two billion beverage containers each year and less than half of those are recycled.

There might still be some way to go, but manufacturers are making great in-roads in their efforts both locally and internationally. One such example is Bonfiglioli, which offers a wide range of solutions for recycling processing and machinery.

Giorgio Rodriguez, Application Engineer for Bonfiglioli, says the company conceives, designs and produces custom solutions for the collection, downsizing and sorting of waste materials.

“Recycling is a key component of waste management to reduce pollution and landfill waste,” he says.

“Our product portfolio includes planetary gearboxes, motors and frequency inverters, each designed to our customer’s exact requirements.”

Rodriguez notes that while ‘spec’ing’ a product can be daunting, Bonfiglioli is there every step of the way and is hosting a product selection webinar 28 September.

For a stand-alone recycling machine, Rodriguez suggests making use of Bonfiglioli’s C-series helical in-line gearbox and geared motor.

“We offer full integration for a complete solution. Amongst its many benefits, the C-series is compact with washdown capabilities and comes with a choice of output bolt-on-flanges. It’s also ISO certified in terms of its surface protection,” he says.

According to Rodriguez, the 300M series planetary gearbox and geared motor is ideal for a stand-alone shredder application, which is commonly used to recycle waste materials.

“It’s compact and offers high shock load resistance along with a washdown capability. It offers a protection rating up to IP56, along with thermal protection and anti-condensation heaters,” he says.

Rodriguez notes that primary and secondary shredding, conveying and compactors are four of the key applications on a recycling plant.

“Our R3 series double planetary gearbox can be used for primary shredding and the 300M is suitable for secondary shredding,” he says.

“Both our F series of helical parallel shaft gearmotors and A series of helical and bevel motors can be used for conveying on a recycling plant. Finally, our C series can once again be used for compacting.”

Rodriguez adds that these products offer a highly dynamic response time, energy savings and are a cost-effective solution thanks to extended service intervals.

To complement its range of geared motors, Bonfiglioli also offers smart and premium inverters to support the recycling industry.

“These offer a host of benefits such as a smooth start, low energy consumption, extendable field bus communications, sensorless controls of the synchronous and asynchronous motors and much more,” Rodriguez says.

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