Boyne Smelters Now Recycling Aluminium Cans

Joe Rea celebrates aluminium can recycling at BSL Gladstone
Boyne Smelters Limited’s (BSL) has announced that it is successfully operating an aluminium can recycling facility in Gladstone.

Australia’s biggest aluminium smelting company, BSL undertook a pilot scheme earlier this year, which proved the potential of the value-add processing concept. The smelter is now recycling around 13 million aluminium cans a month, which will add 2,400 tonnes of aluminium to its production annually.

BSL invested in a partnership with Inalco in 2011 for an on-site processing plant to recycle dross, cell bottoms and scrap aluminium. Before this, all such material was sent off site for processing.

When ALCOA closed its Point Henry aluminium recycling plant last year, BSL’s employees became aware that the majority of aluminium cans were being sent offshore for processing.

“Our people saw a gap in the market and saw an opportunity to add value to Australian resources here in Gladstone. They prepared a business case and we started a pilot in June this year,” said BSL’s Site General Manager, Joe Rea.

“I’m pleased to say the pilot was successful. We’ve seized the opportunity to add to our recycling capability by processing aluminium cans through the existing onsite plant as a supplementary feedstock.”

The recycling plant processes around 520 tonnes of scrap aluminium, cans, dross and cell bottoms a month with metal recovery at around 60 to 90 per cent, depending on the feedstock. It sources 80 per cent of its cans from Queensland with the remainder from New South Wales.

Queenland’s Environment Minister, Dr Steven Miles, welcomed BSL’s announcement as a timely way to mark National Recycling Week.

“Boyne Smelters Limited successfully trialled recycling aluminium cans, and should be congratulated for seizing on the opportunity to commit to this large-scale facility,’’ said Dr Miles.

“Recycling aluminium cans will result in less greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce landfill waste.”

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