Brentwood LS50CF separation plant

Brentwood LS50CF separation plant

The Brentwood LS50CF recovers food or liquids, steel and packaging from rejected canned or packaged foods.

The company has combined several of its technologies to arrive at a solution that recovers 95 per cent of the can contents with zero steel contamination and cleans the steel cans ready for sale as clean steel scrap. The packaging is also collected.

Materials are loaded onto an infeed hopper which transfers them on a feed conveyor into a Brentwood AZ50HD shredder where the steel cans are shredded, releasing most of the contents. The shredded material is then fed through a specially designed Food Separation Screw Feeder equipped with high-pressure water sprays allowing the food or liquids to be separated from the cans. A series of magnetic separation systems work to remove any small steel items and discharge these to a suitable container.

The large steel content is processed further to separate non-ferrous materials, paper or plastics that are diverted to a separate collection bin. The clean steel is sent on a discharge conveyor and delivered to a scrap bin. 

Highlights of the technology include the Brentwood designed and manufactured Dual Shaft Shredder featuring high torque and slow speed cutting action for low maintenance costs. The shredder also has hexagonal shafts for superior strength and endurance. The plant itself has a production rate of up to 40 tonnes per hour with steel recovery of up to four tonnes per hour.