Brimbank residents turn noses up at four-bin system

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Brimbank’s waste and recycling service will remain unchanged for now, while council continues to evaluate the best way to roll out the Victorian Government’s four-bin system.

Sixty-two per cent of respondents to a Brimbank City Council survey believe the four-bin system will not suit their household needs and 41 per cent believe it is not good for the community. The main concerns expressed were about garbage bin size, collection frequency, cost, contamination concerns and odour issues.

Council’s opt-in green waste service changed this month as part of the reforms. From 1 July, users of the green waste service can now add food scraps to this bin. Council will receive a further report about options to extend the service to all residents by July 2023.

Council also agreed to delay the introduction of a new separate glass collection service until the impacts of the proposed State Government’s Container Deposit Scheme are better known.

While the community feedback raised concerns about changing to a 4-bin model at this stage, it was identified as the best option for cost and environmental impact.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Jasmine Nguyen said delaying any changes would help address community feedback.

“Waste and recycling collection is a service that almost all residents in Brimbank use. It is essential that council gets it right for residents’ needs and the environment when we introduce any changes.

“This will impact the speed of the change, but the consultation results also show that residents want to reduce landfill and respond to the climate emergency. However, they want a waste and recycling service that supports their needs.

“We all have an important role to play to stop the very real threats of the climate emergency. The recent move to adding food to council’s optional green waste service is a step in the right direction.”

The council’s consultation included a community survey online and in-person, focus groups and local shopping centre engagement with residents.

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