Bucher Municipal, IVECO showcase new front loader compactor body

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Refuse collection equipment supplier and manufacturer Bucher Municipal has teamed up with IVECO for a national roadshow to showcase its new FORCE Series 3 Front Loader compactor body.

Following a 12-month development process and prototype testing, the new body has entered production with demonstrations of the vehicle proving popular with both local governments as well as private waste contractors.

A key feature of the FORCE Series 3 body is ‘Bucher iQ’, a new control technology that integrates with the cab chassis’ CANBus system and provides increased diagnostics and system configuration benefits via a touch-screen interface. 

It also introduces Bucher’s own hydraulics system, which the company designed and engineered specifically for its bodies. Additionally, the new Bucher hydraulics have advanced anti-tamper technology and offer direct control from the operator screen while also delivering increased savings in maintenance and parts.

Available in 28.5 cubic metre and 33.5 cubic metre body sizes, the FORCE Series 3 makes the most of these capacities with its proprietary twin cylinder ‘floating blade’ compaction system that provides higher compaction force, therefore allowing maximum payloads to be reached while minimising blade jams.

front loader
A 12-second lift cycle positions the FORCE Series 3 as the fastest front loader in its class. Image: IVECO

Also helping productivity is its ability to pack the load and pick up bins simultaneously, and a 12-second lift cycle – this positions the FORCE Series 3 as a fast and productive front loader. 

Marcus Hughes, Bucher Municipal’s Product and Marketing Manager, says the FORCE Series 3 delivers features to operators over preceding FORCE models.

“The FORCE Series 3 represents the latest evolution of the FORCE Front Loader range. This new model includes features that were developed following in-field operator feedback as well as changes made through Bucher Municipal’s own product development processes,” Marcus says.

“Key focus areas of the new bodies centre on bringing the product in line with the Bucher iQ CANBus control system that has been so successful on our refuse product range, as well as improving usability while reducing servicing and maintenance costs.”

Bucher Municipal has enjoyed a strong relationship with IVECO and previously INTERNATIONAL for more than 50 years. Marcus says it was a logical choice to trial the prototype FORCE Series 3 Front Loader on an ACCO 8×4 platform.

“Our customers are very familiar with the ACCO range, for many of them IVECO makes up a good portion of their waste collection fleet,” he says. 

“It’s a cab chassis that’s tried and tested, and one that our customers ask for, and for manufacturers such as Bucher, it’s an easy platform to work with.” 

front loader
The ability to pack the load and pick-up bins simultaneously adds to the productivity of the FORCE Series 3. Image: Iveco

The FORCE Series 3 Front Loader roadshow involves a team from Bucher Municipal – including a driver trainer and product expert – visiting customer sites to undertake a detailed vehicle walkaround, followed by a physical demonstration. 

Customers can then put the truck to work within their own fleets for an agreed period of time. 

The roadshow began in October 2023, and the unit will be available for demonstration until late in 2024. 

Marcus says that feedback from participants has been excellent.

“Customers who have experienced the FORCE/ACCO combination recognise the considerable advancements that we’ve made, and interest has been strong.”  

For more information, visit: www.iveco.com.au

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