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Carlson Landfill Grade

Carlson Landfill Grade software
Carlson Landfill Grade software gives operators easy-to-use and real-time information so they can optimise airspace and manage slopes and fills.

Landfill sites are becoming an increasingly precious commodity, which Carlson Landfill Grade software can support. Heavily-populated regions face higher charges and greater distances to travel to use them, and then there are the increasing pressures to achieve better levels of resource recovery.

As the population grows and waste along with it, landfill managers across Australia face the same issue: making the best use of space in the cells to extend their lifespan.

Summerhill Waste Management Centre faced issues around maximising landfill airspace when its stage two development application was approved in 2011. Located in Wallsend, NSW, the 264-hectare site receives 190,000 tonnes of waste per year.

Its Operations Manager, Brad Wood, wanted to ensure the longevity of the landfill site by achieving maximum compaction rates.

Knowing EPA NSW recommended landfill compaction rates as close to 0.93 tonnes per cubic metre, Brad set out to find a solution to meet these standards.

Through research, he discovered that some sites that had implemented Carlson machine guidance were achieving 1.0 tonne per cubic metre.

Carlson Landfill Grade is a 3D positioning software that provides real-time information both in the cab and the office. Using the software enables optimal compaction rates with fewer passes, resulting in lower fuel consumption, lower operation costs and reduced machine wear. Music to a landfill operations manager’s ears!

Since implementation in 2014, the team at Summerhill Landfill has realised the benefits for operators and managers.

In the field, the Landfill Grade software gives operators easy-to-use and real-time information so they can both optimise airspace and manage their slopes and fills.

“By using Carlson you know that you are fully compacted at the end of each day, which means we are maximising airspace and prolonging the life of the landfill,” says Brad.

The software’s accurate daily analysis reporting of actual material placement enables landfill operators to increase density and make best use of the landfill.

“Through the in-cab screens the operators can see when they have reached grade and can then progress to the next section of garbage; this improves our compaction rate and saves a lot of time,” adds Brad. The system also provides a better trafficable surface, with a more even consistent finish to the compacted garbage, allowing the team to apply an even rate of cover.

In the office, the Command and Control software provides real-time information so managers can view and manage key performance indicators.

Position Partners is the exclusive Carlson machine guidance distributor for Australia.

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